Houston River Water Works is:
  • A non-profit municipality, operated by 5 employees and governed by 5 board members representative of the areas it serves.
  • The board of directors meet once per month (more if necessary) in a publicly announced forum.
  • Water Works No.11 began as a surface water plant, purchasing water from the Sabine River Authority and treating it for public use. In May of 2005, the 1.5 million dollar water well project was completed and the plant converted to  a ground water treatment facility.

We are required to have one Level 3 operator, licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals, Office of Public Safety.

Two of our 3 operators hold a Level 4 operators certification.

Level 4 is the highest level in water production, treatment & distribution.

The number of customers we serve determines what level of operator we are required to have at the plant.  Currently serving 
2070 customers.
Houston River Water Works
 District #11 
was established in 1988
 to meet the water needs 
 north & west of the Sulphur 
city limits and Edgerly.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call Crystal or Chelsea in the office.